Residential Schools - Grief, Anger, and Action

The discovery of 215 unmarked and seemingly undocumented graves of children on the grounds of the former residential school in Kamloops has produced an outpouring of grief and anger across Canada.
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May 26

Canada is in a housing crisis

Canada is in the middle of a housing crisis, and the south Okanagan, Boundary and West Kootenay areas are very much in the middle of that crisis.  This is an urgent and rapidly growing problem that demands the cooperation and priority of all levels of government.
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May 20

Canada Summer Jobs Grants

Canada Summer Jobs grants in South Okanagan – West Kootenay are at a new record. I’m very pleased to be able to connect 207 young folks in our riding to opportunities for meaningful employment in their fields.
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April 19

Budget 2021: More promises but everyday Canadians are left holding the bill for the pandemic while the ultra-rich enjoy a free ride 

PENTICTON – Many struggling Canadians hoped that today’s budget would offer meaningful supports and steps towards recovery. But more than that, they hoped that it would be the ultra-wealthy who have profited from the pandemic who would be paying for these supports, not the workers who have been hit so hard.   
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April 11

Paid sick leave is essential at all times

As a country and as individuals, we have done a lot to try to stop the spread of COVID-19. However, there is one obvious step for which we have made only timid efforts—paid sick leave.
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March 23

Student Debt

Last weekend, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh presented the NDP’s plan to help young people thrive instead of being buried in student loan debt. The NDP plan includes eliminating interest on student loans, putting a moratorium on student loan payments, cancelling up to $20,000 per student of federal student loan debt and giving new graduates a five-year head-start without having to repay any federal student loan.
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March 8

Decriminalization and Safe Supply

Last year, Gord Portman saved two people in a house fire in Penticton. When he saw his picture in the local newspaper, he said to himself ‘Oh boy I need help.” Gord was addicted to drugs. So he turned to Discovery House, a local organization that helps men battle their addictions, and he now thanks Discovery House for saving his life.
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February 17

Take action to support Bill C-213: The Canada Pharmacare Act

In February, the NDP introduced Bill C 213 – the Canada Pharmacare Act, an historic step in the history of our country.
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February 2

Support for our Agriculture Sector

Many sectors have been hard hit by the pandemic, and agriculture is one of them. Despite concerns about food security and pleas to buy local, orchardists and farmers in the region have had a number of serious headwinds facing them over the past year.
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January 18

Letter to Minister Wilkinson

Regarding opening the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains for coal mining
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