Border Closure Questions

I've been getting a few questions about the US border closure and the issue of Americans travelling through Canada on their way to Alaska.  
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July 17

Families need child care now more than ever

PENTICTON – As businesses and the economy start re-opening, New Democrats are calling on the government to invest in building a universal child care and early learning system that delivers the help families need to go back to work.
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July 15

In the House - Recent Interventions by your MP

It was a busy spring in the House of Commons. The hybrid online and in-person sittings allowed for lots of questions and on local issues important to the South Okanagan and West Kootenay. From tourism, forestry, wage subsidies, funding for irrigation canals, and ocean protection, here are some of the interventions I've made this past spring for our riding. 
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July 14

Wealth in Canada

Imagine a country where the top one percent of the population owned one-quarter of all the wealth and the bottom 40 percent together owned only one percent. Sounds outrageous? That country is Canada.
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July 7

Hydrogen Technology

My role as Natural Resources critic for the NDP covers forestry, mining, and energy—and the big issue these days in that trio is energy.
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June 2

Virtual and In-Person Parliament - Democracy in Action

Hello friends:
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May 24

Time to take a serious look at a Basic Income

The pandemic has exposed the many gaps in income supports for Canadian workers, so it's not surprising that it has renewed conversations on all sides about the concept of a basic or minimum income. Here's my latest column on the subject:
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April 22

COVID-19 & Support for Small Businesses - Fact Sheet

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is having a significant impact for everyone across the country. Many small businesses are struggling to stay afloat. The NDP has been advocating for measures to support small businesses. 
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April 20

Support plan for oil and gas sector

I was encouraged by the government's support plan for the oil and gas sector that was finally announced on Friday. In short, I had asked the Minister of Natural Resources to support workers and not throw money at large corporations. Here's my column on all that.
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