Electoral Boundary Changes

I’d like to outline how we got to this point, present some of the details of the proposed changes, and provide an opportunity for feedback of any local concerns.
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February 8


When the Royal Commission on the Status of Women recommended a national childcare program in 1970, I was still a Pen-Hi student. I never thought that it might take over a half-century for Canada to create legislation for such an important program. But, on the heels of the birth of my third grandchild, Canada is very close to doing just that.
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January 25

Defending Public Health Care

There is nothing more precious to us than our health, and good health is dependent on good health care.  For decades, Canadians have been proud of our universal health care system, but that system is now in a state of crisis.
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December 29

Progress in 2022

This year has been an interesting one in Canadian politics, especially since it involved two of the major parties agreeing to work together wherever possible. Canadians doing everything right, still struggled with rising inflation throughout the year. Our cooperation ensured those that needed help the most were able to access federal government relief. 
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December 1

Canada Dental Benefit: How to Apply

Applications for the 1st stage of the NDP dental plan are now open for eligible parents with children 12 and under. This interim step will provide funds for dental care while we work to complete the permanent plan.
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March 28

Politics of Parliament gets in the way of MPs’ environmental leadership

Article by Brittany Stares from the Hill Times
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March 25

NDP Liberal Cooperation

Dental Care. Pharmacare. Affordable housing. Better seniors care. Climate action. These are the top concerns of people on almost every doorstep I’ve ever been on. This past Wednesday, NDP Members of Parliament used their power to deliver the biggest expansion of health care in a generation.
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February 9

The enemy facing us is COVID, not the mandates

I’ve been in Ottawa for the past nine days, in the centre of the protest by the “Freedom Convoy.” My offices have been flooded by emails and phone calls on both sides of this issue, so I want to make it clear where I stand and why.
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February 1

Return to the hill

Parliament began sitting again this Monday, facing its first full agenda since the late summer election.  Most committees will be meeting for the first time and we will see the first Private Member’s Bill debates.  I’d like to highlight some of those Private Member’s Bills in my upcoming columns, since some could produce important new legislation that makes Canada a better place for all or, at the very least, send powerful messages to the government.
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December 24

A look back and forward

This is traditionally a time to look back on the year that was and forward to the year to come.  Since 2021 wasn’t anyone’s favourite year with a pandemic, climate disasters, an opioid crisis, housing challenges and more, I won’t dwell on its shortcomings but instead concentrate on my hopes and plans for the future.
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