Capital Gains Taxes

Despite doing everything right, most Canadians are struggling —struggling to find a home they can afford and facing the rising costs of groceries and the price of gas at the pumps. All while massive wealth is accumulating in the hands of the very few.  I’ve talked in some of my columns about measures the NDP has put forward to alleviate these pressures, and one general theme is making sure that those who can afford to pay their fair share do just that.
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May 22

The Canada Disability Benefit and the Budget

When the House of Commons passed the Canada Disability Act almost a year ago, my colleagues and I were initially buoyed at this long-overdue action to lift people living with a disability out of poverty once and for all.
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May 8

Town Hall - NDP Dental and Pharmacare Plans

Join MPs Richard Cannings and Don Davies
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March 5

NDP Pharmacare

Last week Canada took another major step forward truly universal healthcare with the tabling of the NDP’s Pharmacare Act.
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February 20


I’ve written several times recently about the costs of climate change. Some of those costs are obvious, including the loss of homes, property, and infrastructure due to the increased severity of climate-related events such as wildfires, floods, hurricanes and tornados.  Home insurance costs are going up for everybody because of those events.  But one sector that is at a very high risk of impact from climate change often goes under the radar, and that is agriculture.  The...
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December 13

NDP Dental Plan Announced

To be frank, last week in Ottawa ended with incredible frustration and disappointment as we saw the Conservatives use their time in Parliament to play games with vital funding to government services, turning what should have been a couple of hours of supply funding votes into a 30-hour debacle of political games.
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September 12


Penticton- NDP MP for South Okanagan – West Kootenay, Richard Cannings announced today that he will not seek re-election in 2025. Cannings has had an influential and successful career as an opposition MP that punched well above his weight with his party holding the balance of power during consecutive minority governments.
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September 4

Labour Day 2023

Monday was Labour Day, a time to reflect on the contributions of workers and celebrate the advances that organized labour has achieved to make our lives truly livable—the weekend, the 8-hour workday, workers’ compensation, sick leave, maternity and paternity leave, and more. 
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August 22


This summer has been the worst wildfire season in Canada, and it reached that landmark not in August or even July, but on June 25th.  The British Columbia situation is similar; by June 18 the Donnie Creek fire officially became the largest fire in provincial history.  Fires all over the southern Interior followed-- in Osoyoos, Kamloops, Adams Lake, West Kelowna, Keremeos, Twin Lakes, the Fraser Canyon and more. 
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August 5

Sign our petition now to help fight the climate crisis.

Join us in demanding the right to live in a healthy and ecologically balanced environment and the tools to ensure the Government of Canada is protecting this right within its legal jurisdiction.
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