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May 8th, 2024

Town Hall - NDP Dental and Pharmacare Plans

Join MPs Richard Cannings and Don Davies

Penticton – Starting May 1st almost 2 million seniors were eligible to make appointments and start accessing the new NDP Dental Care Plan. MP, Richard Cannings noted that “after 57 years fighting for dental care to be included in the Canada Health Care Act, the NDP Canada Dental Care Plan is finally here.”

The local MP has also announced an online Town Hall on the evening of Monday May 13th for all those that have questions on how to access the program and dispel myths from Conservative opposition MPs that are promising to remove dental care and sharing misinformation on the new program.

You can join and participate live through Zoom on May 13th

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On May 13th, Watch via Youtube and post questions in real time

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“We’ve heard from seniors and providers that they are receiving either not enough information or misleading information from those that do not believe all Canadians should have dental or pharmacare coverage. This Town Hall will offer some clarity and give some straight answers on how to access the care that they need.”

Over one third of Canadians have no dental insurance, and nearly 7 million Canadians avoid the dentist every year because of the high cost. Children 12 and under have been accessing new dental benefits starting last year, but May 1st marked the first day eligible seniors can visit a dentist or oral health provider under the new plan.

“Since the Dental Plan rolled out, we’ve put immense pressure on the government to get it right. As such we’ve seen new announcements on Canadians being able to visit any dentist, regardless of whether a provider has ‘opted-in’. Starting on July 8th, established CDCP fees can be billed directly to Sun Life, the plan’s operator, by any dentist. You can choose your own dentist and present your Sun Life card just like any other insurance coverage.”

Cannings office assured residents that if you have registered for the CDCP and received your welcome package from Sun Life, you should have been notified of the date you can begin seeing a dentist or oral health provider. If you registered over the phone but haven't received your welcome package, you can contact the CDCP Call Center directly at 1-833-537-4342 to check your application status.

For seniors aged 70 and above who missed the early phone registration, thy can now register online. Additionally, all seniors aged 65 to 69 can register online. Adults with a valid Disability Tax Credit (DTC) certificate and children under 18 can begin online registration on June 1. All other eligible Canadian residents can register starting in 2025 at

For those with specific questions or that would like support to more fully understand how to access both the new dental or pharmacare benefits, Cannings encouraged residents to reach out to his office and attend the online Town Hall to ask questions and receive reliable information.

“We’ve fought hard for our dental coverage and pharmacare plans because we believe that everyone should have equal access to health coverage. That means that people living on low income, young families struggling to get by, and the seniors who are living on a fixed income. We can’t sit by and watch the world get more expensive. This is a concrete measure that will help make life easier for those that need it most. I hope this Town Hall helps those get the information they need.”