Richard Cannings will Ride the Riding!

Penticton - Member of Parliament Richard Cannings represents the South Okanagan-West Kootenay, a large federal riding that comprises many small communities.  Cannings decided that a bicycle trip through the riding would give him a unique and personal perspective of the people, the environment, the businesses and industries that make up the riding.

The tour will use a combination of rail trails and highways, starting in Nakusp on August 24th and finishing in Penticton on August 30th.  The trails are an important attraction for tourism and a key economic driver for many small communities throughout the riding. Cannings adds, “I enjoy riding these rail trails myself, and one of the reasons for this cycle trip is to highlight their importance to the riding”. 

Cannings invites people to ride sections of trails with him as he travels from community to community, and has scheduled numerous coffee and meal breaks at various points where the public could meet him to share their concerns, ideas and suggestions for the South Okanagan-West Kootenay. 

“The complete itinerary is available on my website and includes details of where and when to meet,” concluded the BC MP.  “Please note that cyclists wishing to join part of the tour are responsible for getting themselves back to their starting point!”