OTTAWA – Today NDP Natural Resources Critic Richard Cannings, MP (South Okanagan – West Kootenay) announced the tabling of motion M-119, calling on the Liberal government to re-introduce the EcoENERGY Home Retrofit program. The EcoENERGY Home Retrofit program previously helped Canadians retrofit their homes and apartments, made them more efficient while lowering energy bills, creating thousands of local jobs in the trades and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“I’m happy to introduce this motion to bring this program back that did much so much good for homeowners, for the economy and for the environment” said Cannings. “EcoENERGY was a real “win-win-win” for Canadians. In these times when the Prime Minister has said that the economy needs a boost, this program is a perfect opportunity to help Canadians make their homes more efficient while creating well-paying jobs for hard working tradespeople in South Okanagan – West Kootenay and across Canada.”

Motion M-119 looks to build on the successes of the former EcoENERGY Home Retrofit program, which saw participating households save on average $700 per year per $2000 spent on utilities, reduced energy consumption by over 20 percent, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 3 tonnes per house. Motion M-119 also acts on an NDP election promise to help Canadians retrofit homes and apartment buildings across Canada and recommendations from the Green Budget Coalition to re-establish an energy efficiency home retrofit program.

“Thousands upon thousands of Canadians accessed the former program to save on their energy bills and help the environment” said Cannings. “The program had great results the first time it was in place and there is still so much more potential to get the same kinds of results for more Canadians. We believe in taking approaches that work for everyday people and this program is a great example of that. That’s why New Democrats will continue to call on the government to re-instate the EcoENERGY Home Retrofit Program.”